Hands in clay

Nestled in the red rock beauty of Sedona lies a sanctuary of healing and transformation: True Nature Retreat at Horse Feathers Ranch. As a Sedona spiritual photographer, I had the privilege of documenting the profound journey of a group of women who embarked on a soul-stirring experience with nature, plant medicines, and ancient rituals.

The rugged landscape of Sedona served as the backdrop for this transformative retreat, where the women tapped into the healing powers of the land. Through the gentle guidance of experienced facilitators, they delved deep into the realms of self-discovery and renewal, reconnecting with their true essence and inner strength.

One of the most striking elements of the retreat was the use of plant medicines and sacred earth in the healing process. The women embraced the wisdom of the earth, allowing its nourishing energies to cleanse their spirits and awaken their senses. With clay adorning their bodies, they embraced the grounding energy of the land, feeling a profound sense of connection to the earth beneath their feet.

Song and dance became a form of expression and release for the women, as they let go of past traumas and embraced the present moment with open hearts. The rhythmic beats of their movements echoed through the canyon walls, carrying their intentions of healing and transformation into the universe.

Sharing circles became the heart of the retreat, where the women found solace in the power of community and shared their stories with vulnerability and authenticity. Through these sacred gatherings, bonds were forged, and a deep sense of sisterhood emerged, providing a nurturing space for healing and growth.

As a Sedona photographer, I was witness to the profound shifts that took place within each woman throughout the retreat. Capturing moments of vulnerability, strength, and resilience, I saw firsthand the beauty that arises when women come together in support of each other’s healing journey.

The True Nature Retreat at Horse Feathers Ranch in Sedona was not just a retreat; it was a sacred pilgrimage into the depths of the soul. It was a testament to the power of nature, community, and ancient wisdom in facilitating profound healing and transformation. In the heart of Sedona’s red rocks, these women found solace, strength, and a renewed connection to their true nature.

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Facilitators: Daughter of Earth

Retreat Center and Ranch: Horse Feathers Ranch Sedona

Gathering of women in ceremony
hands serving cacao


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