My purpose and passion is capturing the essence of the soul through profound photography tailored for healers and spiritual entrepreneurs, a visual journey that transcends mere images to touch the depths of the spirit.

Welcome beautiful being, I'm Rachel

For the healers, change bringers and heart centered souls.


With my eye as a spiritual branding photographer, I believe I hold the key to what you've been searching for. Through my lens, I can capture the very essence of your spiritual journey and brand, allowing you to align your inner values with your outward expression. My business isn't just about photography; it's a transformative experience that will enable you to communicate your story, purpose, and values visually. Together, we can co-create imagery that inspires, uplifts, and deeply resonates with your audience, forging authentic connections that speak volumes without words.

Your brand and offerings are so needed in this world, and I'm here to capture it!


you are exactly where you are meant to be in this place, at this time. 

Stamps of Approval

PT 1 | Kallie Klug: Somatics Practitioner

I'm a shadow work facilitator and from the start I felt like Rachel understood what I was going for with the vibe of the photoshoot. She really took the time to understand what I was looking for and assured that she'd help me with posing along the way as I sometimes get really nervous in front of the camera. During the shoot, Rachel made me feel so comfortable and seen. She guided me in detail yet allowed space for my own movements to come through...

PT 2 | Kallie Klug: Somatics Practitioner

...When I received the photos, I was ecstatic. They were EXACTLY what I was looking for- dramatic, high impact, and I thought I looked great thanks to Rachel's gentle and confident guidance with the posing. I feel like these pictures get me noticed on social media and in my e-mail marketing as they have such a high impact and clearly convey the message I'm seeking to send. I'm definitely going to go with Rachel again and again for photos for my business! 

PT 1 | Brittany Jade: Jade Dragon Apothecary

Rachel is an amazing photographer - not only when it came to my engagement & wedding photos, but also my business! She always captures my vision of what I want my shop to feel like. She also made me feel super comfortable in front of the camera! She can help you how to pose or guide you on what you should envision to create the vibe you are looking for. I use her photos for my social media & website, as well as print them on promotional materials like flyers, coupons, newsletters, etc...

PT 2 | Brittany Jade: Jade Dragon Apothecary

...It has made such a difference in my overall business. From product photos to behind the scenes scenes shots - she’s incredible at what she does! In a time where social media can make or break a business, having gorgeous high quality photos just takes your business to the next level. And that’s what Rachel with Twin Flame Photography has done for me and my business!

PT 1 | Stephanie Bours Flores: Energy Healer

Rachel's beautiful work speaks for itself, and meeting her and shooting with her was even more special! During the shoot, she picked up on my energy right away and helped me feel most like myself  - which was invaluable to me so I could focus on connecting to my soul and having my true spirit shine through in the photos. Having a photographer that understands that aspect of a healer's work is so important, and I will choose Rachel again and again for my dreams in future projects!...

PT 2 | Stephanie Bours Flores: Energy Healer

...On top of having had a pleasant experience the whole way through (from booking a date to planning the shoot), I received my photos back with speed and so many gems to choose from! She's a magician, everyone. A goddess and a magician. :)

Paige Lillian: Prism and Fleur

Rachel took my vision and expanded it beyond what I had imagined, a true creative alchemist - the energy she pours into her craft is mesmerizing and you cannot help but be swept up in the essence of every moment while she is capturing…it really shows in the final images - there is such a magical element to everything she delivered, I know I will be co-creating with her again in future and feel honored to have done so already!

for the soul who
can not be tied
down, whose feet
do not remain still.