who I am

After many years of being a wedding and lifestyle photographer, I found a calling on my heart to work with the spiritual community and help elevate the vibration of our planet. The dedication of healers and spiritual entrepreneurs truly inspires me, witnessing the profound gifts they share with the world. Our collaboration results in creating meaningful images that not only showcase your brand but also contribute to bringing healing to the world. This work feels like my true passion and purpose in life, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to be here, sharing this journey with you.

Your journey is my inspiration

I'm so honored you are here!

Wild woman | Light seeker

my details

I love being out in nature and connecting with the land. This why most of my work is done outdoors in natural light, I do my best work when I'm outdoors and feeling connected to mother. I love to travel and hike in beautiful locations all around the world. Its truly what makes me feel alive and it's such a dream when I get to photograph my soulmate clients in these places.

hiking, travel




peace, stability


dark boho


to be seen


being outdoors



At the heart of my work lie deeply ingrained values that resonate with passion, creativity, and inclusivity. Embodying a steadfast commitment to serving healers and spiritual entrepreneurs, fostering a nurturing environment where their visions can flourish. Passion fuels every endeavor, infusing my work with a vibrant energy that propels growth and transformation. Creativity blooms in every interaction, fostering innovative solutions and sparking inspiration. Above all, inclusivity forms the cornerstone of my ethos, ensuring that every individual is welcomed, respected, and valued. My business is a sanctuary where diversity thrives, and where the collective journey towards healing and empowerment is embraced with open arms.

Passionate, creative, inclusive, to be of service


Your Intuition lead you here, trust it.

for the soul who
can not be tied
down, whose feet
do not remain still.