portrait session in Joshua Tree

In the heart of mystical Joshua Tree desert, a transformative branding photo session unfolded, capturing the essence of Megan, an intuitive healer and embodiment coach on a mission to liberate women from the shackles of perfection. Megan’s vision was clear – to help women break free and embrace a life so wildly free that looking in the mirror would evoke the powerful realization, “Wow, I am that girl!”

Guided by the whispers of the wind and the ancient spirits of the desert, Megan and I co-created to bring her vision to life. The setting sun painted the sky in hues of purple and pink, casting a magical glow over the rugged landscape, as Megan embodied her message of liberation and self-empowerment.

With each click of the camera, Megan exuded big energy, a captivating blend of strength and vulnerability. Her presence radiated a hint of dark divine feminine energy, a reminder of the depth and complexity within every woman. The photos captured not just Megan’s outer beauty, but her inner strength and resilience, serving as a visual testament to her mission.

Against the backdrop of ancient Joshua trees and vast desert vistas, Megan’s shoot was more than just a photo session – it was a sacred ritual, a celebration of feminine power and liberation. The winds whispered tales of transformation, carrying Megan’s message of breaking free from societal expectations and embracing authenticity and self-love.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the desert sands, Megan stood tall, a beacon of wild freedom and self-acceptance. The images captured in that moment were not just photographs; they were visual affirmations of Megan’s mission, a testament to the power of embracing one’s true self and living boldly and authentically.

In the heart of Joshua Tree, Megan’s shoot transcended the boundaries of traditional branding photography. It was a spiritual journey, a visual narrative of empowerment and liberation, inviting women to shed their masks and embrace their true essence. Megan’s message echoed through the desert winds, a reminder to all women that they are worthy of living a life so wildly free that they can’t help but look in the mirror and see the powerful, authentic, and beautiful soul staring back at them – the woman they were always meant to be.

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portrait session in Joshua Tree
portrait session in Joshua Tree
portrait session in Joshua Tree


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for the soul who
can not be tied
down, whose feet
do not remain still.